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Compliance: EHS - PROGRAM
The CLEAR CHOICE for Environmental, Health and Safety assessment professionals.
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Compliance: EHS - Screen ShotOverview
Compliance: EHS provides you with everything you need to properly assess your organization: the right regulations to guide you, the right repository for your data, and the right searching tools to retrieve specific information from that data. It is easy to record, examine and search the findings gathered from an assessment.

Compliance: EHS rolls together the ease-of-use of a point and click interface with the power of data searching and reporting, resulting in an impressive environmental, health and safety electronic assessment system.

Designed to work on a laptop for field use or in a networked environment, you can scale the use of the system to fit your needs. No matter how many people, teams or companies are working on your assessment, Compliance: EHS scales to fit the job.

The Administration Module <see screen shot>
Use the Administration module to perform all system customization. Rather than force you to use a predefined assessment model, you can tailor the system to fit your needs. Within the Admin module you can:
Create and modify protocols
Define scoring for your assessment
Build a model of your organization
(create different types of locations and select the information to collect about each type)
Define security privilege profiles
The Findings Module
<see screen shot>
Assessors use the Findings module to perform an assessment. Within the Findings module (depending on user security privileges) you can:
Create and modify your organizational structure
Attach pictures to findings
Create and modify findings
Enter solutions and cost estimates <see screen shot>
Track corrective actions associated with responsible personnel
Print reports for planning and management
Search for regulations and findings
E-mail assessment data to management or other team members

Reports <see screen shots of comprehensive reporting>
The search tool helps you retrieve a specific finding or set of findings, and full-scale reporting functions allow for delivery of:
Detailed finding sheets for quality review
Summarized and prioritized breakdowns of your problem areass
Cost summaries for budgeting
Corrective action status so you can monitor the progress of your solutions
Provide feedback to upper management

Action Tracking <see screen shot>
With the information you gather into Compliance: EHS, not only can you determine problem areas, but you can also enter problem resolutions and the costs associated with them. Organize every aspect of your recommended solution to assist in budgeting and planning.

Best of all, the software allows you to track the progress of your implementation efforts by providing powerful reporting tools for each of these features, making it easy for you to visualize the steps toward a final, solid solution.