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Matt Palcic 
Compliance EHS.
Mr. Palcic was the lead developer of this product that is being utilized by the National Forest Service to conduct their environmental audits nationwide. The tool was designed to minimize the coding required when organizational, protocol, scoring or assessment personnel are changed. It was designed as an intuitive product that requires little training for personnel that are familiar with Microsoft Windows products.

Safety and Environmental Assessment Management System,
Federal Aviation Administration HQ, Washington, DC.
As project lead for the construction of the FAA’s safety and environmental compliance auditing and tracking system, Mr. Palcic designed a regionalized data collection tool that allowed FAA management to track compliance violations and prepare budgets for corrective action funding. The system is used nationwide at all FAA-managed airport facilities.

Hazardous Substance Management System Implementation,
Fort Knox, Kentucky
Mr. Palcic recommended and implemented the US Army’s pilot Hazardous Substance Management System (DOD’s Oracle-based HSMS) at Fort Knox. Tasks included converting Hazardous Inventory Control System (HICS) data, collecting and refining inventory and usage data from existing procurement systems, developing data import routines to interface with an Informix or Oracle database server, and developing new reporting and query tools to supplement those found in HSMS. Inefficiencies in the HSMS model were addressed and standardized MSDS coding was implemented.

Hazardous Substance Management System Implementation,
Fort Drum, New York
Mr. Palcic converted Fort Drum’s HICS system to HSMS, utilizing Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS) and FedLog data to supplement information not tracked in HICS to reduce time to initial operational capability.

HSMS Supplemental Utilities,
Mr. Palcic developed a set of utilities to complement those missing from HSMS. One utility is designed to simplify design of complex queries performed by HSMS database administrators. The other utility is a substantial reporting enhancement that makes EPCRA Tier II and TRI reporting from HSMS feasible. A simplified inventory reporting feature makes spot audits possible, and usage reporting for any arbitrary time period makes planning and trend analysis possible. The system is being distributed for free to any government agency that requests it, and is being considered by the Navy for standardized use.