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Compliance EHS is in use a an entity with locations in all 50 states to conduct its audits.
The Federal Aviation Administration and the US Forest Service are using products developed by Mannus Corporation to conduct environmental, occupational safety and health audits. The types facilities reviewed include boilers, large commercial spaces, spray booths, emergency generation units, metal rework facilities, solid waste operations and communication facilities.

The assessments have generated thousands of findings which are readily available to field and management personnel. The findings have aided these organizations in identifying and correcting issues of non compliance.

Mannus completes rebuilding data transfer server for the FAA
Mannus Corporation has completed rebuilding a data transfer link that shuttles data and program changes between personnel’s thin client application and the FAA’s oracle server. The server enables the user to access update location and question information in order to conduct assessments as well as facilitate the uploading of completed assessments. The system also determines the user’s version of the program and makes updates as necessary.