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The Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) compliance assessments process is a tool to assist clients in the fulfillment to inspect all perspective facilities. The over view of compliance assessment procedures document provides a recommended “blueprint” for performing assessments and are based on experience gained through performing numerous assessments of commercial and industrial facilities throughout the previous ten (10) years. This process will attempt to provide an integrated approach for achieving the following major program objectives:

• Facilitating the accurate characterization of corporate environmental and occupational safety and health issues requiring corrective action and resources.

• Ensuring that inspection processes are implemented consistently and appropriately throughout the all corporate locations.

• Optimizing the use of corporate resources through efficient, coordinated interactions among inspection participants.

Assessment Program (AP)
A corporation’s goal is to assist clients in achieving and maintaining environmental and safety compliance at its facilities. Our philosophy of ES&H assessments is summarized below:

• The assessment should measure a facility’s status with regulatory compliance as a minimum standard. The root cause(s) of deficiencies must be identified to develop meaningful, workable solutions. Furthering client’s business goals through safe, healthy work environments is the overall desired outcome.

• The assessment should be objective and not structured as a fault finding mission. With objective goals, the root causes of deficiencies are more easily identified. Also, the concerns and fears of facility personnel are minimized. The assessment should include site personnel in the process and structure recommended solutions that involve site personnel in a positive manner.

• The assessment should be conducted using a structured set of protocols that are applied consistently by experienced professionals. The protocols should not be checklists but should provide support to the assessor’s expertise.

• The assessment process should be a learning experience for site personnel. The assessment should provide site personnel with the opportunity to develop awareness for the regulatory and internal policy issues that are identified in their facility.

• The assessment personnel should prepare consistent reports and data. This consistency will insure that the client will be able to develop accurate budgets and solutions for issues identified during the assessment process.

chieving continuing compliance is predicated on a thorough knowledge of the baseline status of each operational facility in all aspects of its environmental and safety programs. Mannus Corporation believes a meticulous baseline assessment of E&SH programs is a necessary first step in the compliance process. Any deficiencies identified in the assessment should be organized and managed in a database and reviewed at all levels to determine progress toward internal goals.

The report generated by the assessment will provide corporate facilities a bench mark of their compliance status. The reports will present the deficiencies, recommended solutions and detailed cost estimates. The report process should be structured to allow the client to arrive at solutions that are cost effective and are advocated by the employees who would be responsible for the implementation of new procedures or programs.

As a tool, ES&H assessments assist the corporation in achieving its goals, which include:

• Maintaining Compliance with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley

• Internally assessing environmental program and safety and health program effectiveness

• Justifying/prioritizing limited resources (staffing, training, and budget)

• Assessing overall compliance with federal, state, and local environmental and safety and health regulations and agency directives

• Enhancing personnel knowledge on the importance of ES&H issues


The assessment program benefits all corporate stakeholders through improved compliance and minimized risk. Specifically, the program:

• Provides a consistent tool across the corporation to identify Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H) problems, quantify required resources for corrective actions and report resource needs to higher headquarters

• Measures ES&H performance against established policies and regulations

• Recognizes compliance needs

• Identifies high risk areas for immediate attention

• Assists the corporation in prioritizing required corrective actions and expenditures of limited resources