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Mannus Corporation (Mannus) is a professional, management, and technical services company providing custom technology and consulting. Mannus was founded in 1999 to provide support in the following areas: Program Management; Logistics; Process Evaluation, Software Development and Systems Integration. The firm is headquartered in Dayton, Ohio and presently has access to a multi-disciplined staff of highly skilled engineers, scientists, and managers.

Mannus was founded to support commercial and governmental entities in improving business processes through process change and system development. The two founders have worked together in companies and on projects over the last eleven years. Through this successful collaboration, the principals formed Mannus to provide innovative solutions to customer’s business bottle necks. The principals of Mannus combined each of their unique talents to form a company dedicated to completing high quality, low maintenance solutions. Mannus believes that strong customer focus will strengthen relations and provide increase value over the long term.

The first product Mannus developed is Compliance: EHS, an environmental, health and safety auditing/assessment tool. The tool was designed around the Environmental, Health and Safety Protocols developed by USACERL Protocols and has been purchased by the US Forest Service. Mannus has also completed projects for USACERL, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Navy.

Mannus Corporation has developed expertise in designing custom software for commercial and government clients. Mannus consistently delivers high quality, low maintenance solutions that are praised by users as well as management. The blend of talent, personality and attention to detail enable Mannus to develop software rapidly that provides ease of use for the primary operators, while delivering high value reporting and management features.